Thursday, 13 March 2014

Colors doodle ceramic pins

This series were kinda my achievement. I have to say this because i have to do A LOT of error trials and failed experiments for having this-in my statement-amazingly watercolorish feel on ceramic.
I still preparing on my solo ceramic line. And I think about to change the name a bit. From DERAU become DERAU MADE CERAMICS. it is more....specific, since I and Agung decided to focused on ceramic in DERAU and start making new patches in Agung soon-to-be-yet-to-come label;ABH (abducted by himself, like his first communal solid full of prints linocut artwork series).
Back to this experiment gone right thing (HOORAY), I have a plan to execute this technique on plates, mugs, or maybe vase? I dont quite sure. Still contemplating now.
Anyway, my target to launch DERAU ceramics are mid April. Cross my finger! Wish me luck.

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