Sunday, 21 September 2014

Girls plates

I like to draw a face. Esp female face. I find it fun since i like to imagine and somehow relate it with the real person that i met in my life. When i drew this, its so impulsive. But the vibrant result really threw me up in the sky. I love how i relate this final plates to an india ink doodle in my desk last week. Its fun. Its a girl all over the plate!

Friday, 19 September 2014


I love how this pots are turn out to be the coolest pots ever! Inspite i really think the succulents are somehow elevate the cuteness of this series, this pots turn out to be a really nice after i opened the kiln.

The white and purple are my main color in this series because the themes are girls. And a bows-well, whatever you call it. I glaze and hand drawed every each girls head.
Absolutely one of a kind and definetely handmade.

The succulents are handpicked by me. With the help from Agung, off course. Some of this pots will shows up in my mini instalation in Jakarta Ceramic Biennale, 23rd September 2014.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


I think i want to publish some sneak peek to my behind the scene process. Its fun. Since i work alone in the process, and iam making my families my priorities, i only can make considerably fewer stuff than usual. Esp when ied mubarak came. You can tell me that i have some difficulties to get back to work with ceramics. The schedules, oooh...its the hardest. I think its because me and Agugn are not nine-to-five person ever.
So here it is, beside custom orders and other things that i explore, in August, i made this!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

goodbye series

it is an old sketches i made. about 2011 or 2012 i guess. i remember, for me at that time, the concept was very personal back then, which i don't execute and continued it with another technique. but today, as i see this, its brings me a relief feelings. i have move on. i have learn a lot. i still often sketching my daily life and feeling. maybe i'll post about it in the future.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

sketches for miss berdy series

in 2012, i get a huge opportunities to join a ceramic workshop with a superb holland ceramic artist Mirjam Veldhuis and amazing contemporary artist Mella Jaarsma. we spend days to get preparing the exhibition.
my works were still minding the domestic areas. and plates. and murals. hooray for the mural. its super fun.
this is a photo when my works hang in the exhibition 'Skin Matters', Soemardja Gallery, 2012.

Green series

I have to make confession. I expect another colors would appear to this pieces. I expect teal and a hint of a peacock blue. But turn up army and its (in my opinion) are not good.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Sake cups

They are twin! This is small cup. Handmade entirely by me. I want to have this dessert-y feeling to this cups. Just like ice cream and stuff. This cups are belong in july's collection. The height is 7cm and the diameter is 5-ish.

Rose trinket dish

Maybe this is the best trinket dish i have ever made. It feel so feminine. And technically i think this is an achivement for me because i've been trying to proceed this technique a couple years ago. It is majolica and its turn up so nice. by the way this rose trinket dish are not included in august catalogue, but its still available.
High fired stoneware. One of a kind.

Girl's face plate

When i was a child i love to see my mom doing her make-up. Its like a sacred thing for her. Face gazing at the old mirror and start to doing her routine. I thought it was a new level of doing painting or something because i remember to ask her for some lipstick or blush on and etc. Its really bothers my mom. So one day she bought me my own make-up tools and that day as i can remember was one of the happiest day.
Beside myself, iam doing make-up for my two little sister. Its fun, its messy, and its so so nice to make a totally different character in my little sis' face. My little sister was so young that moment so basically they are doing what i told them to do. Hahaha. Anyway, i feel the same method when i make this plates series. Its like doing some fictional character and its fun.
Did i mention this plates is so fun to use as a dessert plates? Or a trinket dish.
Its one of a kind. Like you. Slab built semi porcelain and high fired food grade glaze.