Wednesday, 18 February 2015

girls series

i love drawing a girl's face. here is the result. i make a lot of exploration about the girl and their face. i think it mean a lot to me. the color i choose was dominate by black and white because i like the simplicity, its really makes my drawing 'pop'.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

summertime girls

this two beauties are my new exploration. its handbuilt and hand glaze stoneware with food safe glaze. one of them are pretty good, but the glaze from the other girl are a bit runny. its still nice-in my opinion-because it give a little 'melting' effect. i guess she might spent too long under the sun, then.
recently the weather are a mess. heavy rain blows cold winds slightly whispering the lazy aura to my body. sure its nice for taking a break. but not on this week, since we are preparing for pasar seni itb in sunday. deadline. oh i miss summer. not just because it feel so warm, but because clay and minerals tend to dry faster on summer. now i guess the options are using my hairdryer or a warm tone lamp.