Saturday, 24 March 2012

makoto tojiki- no shadows

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with lights, exploring its use in installations, figurative sculpture, as well kinetic pieces.

hindi zahra

Hindi Zahra photo session for EMI music. she is very beautiful and talented.
photographer: Marie Taillefer. Styling and creation: Borre Akkersdijk. more about her session here. and her live video here.

random ceramics-

Jun Kanenko. this big size ceramic piece make me speechless.

Luigi Ontani, Anamorposes. 2007. instalation view.

Heidi Fahrenbacher. wheel thrown porcelain.

Rimas VisGirda. more of  his nice work here.

Melissa Mytty. seriously envy her lucidity handling clays.

i don't know who made this. but this is deliberately nice.

ceramics. its such an easy word to say. but just like making something worth, making ceramics is never too easy.  i have an artist-block these recent days. i don't know what makes my mind too cloudly-and thats might be a problem. so, here i'am..blogging about ceramic for triggering my mind.
this review about Glasglow ceramic Studio seems enough to make myself want to work there. but still, i have these visual-stuck for my works. and i find Wonderlust  really neat! and i read about this art blog called white-swallows and design blog called designinspiration. nice! and tonight is a big night for some of my friend who join BaCAA or Bandung Contemporary Art Awards. i really hope they will win. :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

balinese old image

Philip Hanson Hiss, from his Bali book. published 194, London

Balinese girl and boy print, circa 1920

Balinese Girls-unknown data. more here
Balinese Princess-unknown data

balinese princess-unknown data

male Balinese tiger was shot and killed. published in Indonesian newspaper
50 years ago, and it was totally extinct in 1935. this photo circa 1925.
Balinese Tiger never been captured alive, in photos or video, or be seen in a zoo. :(

Kecak Dance. circa 1930

cock fighting in Bali. illustrated Bali Tourism. 1914

Anak Agung Ketut Karangasem or Gusti Ngurah Ketut Karangasem, Prince of Selaparang.
died in Cakranegara fight Dutch in 1894, during Lombok's war.

today is the silence day or Nyepi for Balinese Hindu. i go to Bali when i was a kid. i was amazed by their culture, art, and places.
there's still a lot of old pictures featuring Bali and its tourism..since when first discovered in 1597, Western eyes are open by its tropical eden and culture. here you can read the history of the first discovery Bali island in Dutch perspective. in here, you can find a lot of Bali image from time to time. in here, a few but interesting Balinese photos. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

random quotes

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i think we have to make room for a cynical, pessimist, and desperate quotes. it keep us sane. you know, balance.. we have a blast last night and woke up in a very simple way. this flickr album is nice, diary-like. and this website is full of a nice pictures. 

random frida kahlo

Frida Kahlo adalah salah satu seniman penting dunia. lukisan-lukisannya banyak memuat potret diri dan terinspirasi dari kehidupan pribadinya-konflik batin dan harafiah yang terjadi di hidupnya, drama romansa pernikahannya dengan sesama seniman Mexico, Diego Riviera, dan perspektifnya sebagai perempuan secara keseluruhan. Sudah lebih dari 50 tahun Kahlo pergi, dan ia tetap menjadi ikon dengan ekspresi eksentrik di seni, dan juga fashion. 

'I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best'

Tahun 1939, Frida Kahlo ketemu Pablo Picasso di Paris. Saat itu, Picasso ngasih hadiah ke Kahlo anting-anting berbentuk miniatur tangan. Hadiah ini lumayan signifikan dengan perspektif Picasso yang memandang Kahlo sebagai sosok surealis. Kahlo memang senang mengenakan perhiasan (dan bunga segar dirambutnya yang dikepang), tapi mayoritas koleksi perhiasannya bergaya Aztec. Dalam karya (1940) dan foto Kahlo di atas, ia mengenakan anting tangan dari Picasso.
Aku menemukan beberapa barang dan karya yang terinspirasi dari Kahlo di etsy.  

frida kahlo white t-shirt mini dress

OOAK Frida Kahlo doll

Frida with Aztec canvas totebag

Martyna Zoltaszek

frida onesie. very cute

Frida Kahlo quotes imprinted in aluminum handcuff:
 'i tried to drown my sorrows, but the damn things learn to swim'.

hand crocheted headdress. beautiful.

frida kahlo by clare owen

Frida Kahlo art decor plate with faux staple. inspiring.



Agustina Woodgate, rugs made from skinned stuffed animals


sabaku ragrug

doily bath rug
hand crocheted rug

hand crocheted from recycled shirt. this one very inspire me

i watched the video from joanna newsom here, very moving...and just checking tumblr of my friend. and how to make your own rug..nice diy stuff.