Wednesday, 18 February 2015

girls series

i love drawing a girl's face. here is the result. i make a lot of exploration about the girl and their face. i think it mean a lot to me. the color i choose was dominate by black and white because i like the simplicity, its really makes my drawing 'pop'.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

summertime girls

this two beauties are my new exploration. its handbuilt and hand glaze stoneware with food safe glaze. one of them are pretty good, but the glaze from the other girl are a bit runny. its still nice-in my opinion-because it give a little 'melting' effect. i guess she might spent too long under the sun, then.
recently the weather are a mess. heavy rain blows cold winds slightly whispering the lazy aura to my body. sure its nice for taking a break. but not on this week, since we are preparing for pasar seni itb in sunday. deadline. oh i miss summer. not just because it feel so warm, but because clay and minerals tend to dry faster on summer. now i guess the options are using my hairdryer or a warm tone lamp.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


after the day he born, we are rarely leave his side. but this new busy routine pretty reducing our time with him. slowly but sure, he grow into this irresistible charming young human. please don't grow up too fast, little man. mama love lino.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


this is my recent artwork for Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Bienalle, which held on September 2014. the process are pretty quick, since i only join on a last month. so i guess i was mixing all together.
the journey to find my inner peace and its relationship with a material somewhat called ceramic are a love/hate relationship. its combine sweats, tears, and a little blood to make my way from there to here-mentally. every words would be understatement, but the point is, ceramic change me.
i was in love with anything handmade an personalized since i was little girl. grow up in Jakarta is about instant effort because the city have this fast development and mass feel. i join the ceramic studio because i love anything handmade. like literally full of touch, tactfulness, and somehow i feel i can explore more fields with ceramic, such as craft, design, or even a chemistry.
it have been 8 years that i was familiar with this material. but it only less than a year that i can make a living from it, not only from derau but either from my artwork. i think to be an artist, i can use a very infinite material-depends on the idea.
in this stage, i think the wisest way to say my urge was with ceramic. no matter what fields you in or explore, its was moist at the beginning, because the clay-it contain water-like us. you can do whatever you want to do with it and it will record your move. and that imprinted touch will not always be like the way it is. it can evolve into something we can not recognize after out from the kiln. its like giving our trust into the nature. yes we can calculating it to be precisely like we wanted to. but theres always a suprise in ceramic. anyway, whatever you will be, remember that there always a change to the temporary possibilities. but don't forget our roots, since we will always growing.

celebrities cultures mini series

i like to explore a new possibilities from my works. and this is all drawing i made in 2011. its a little series and its about celebrity cultures. i used to draw a lot of celebrities during my puberty because i think their life as a human being were so different from me. hollywood revolutionize my concept about being my own self-time and space. my father was working at a books and magazines publisher so i get to read a teen magazines. it was such an eye opener growing up knowing what trends are from magazine. lol. anyway, the pattern was really inspired me so much that i later used for my ceramic works in 2013.


i know i've been on M.I.A mode recently, and from the deepest of my heart, i'm really sorry. i end up spending a lot of time in the studio since its been renovated a while a go.
i have a lot story about my ceramic things. one of them that i got parcitipated on jakarta contemporary ceramic bienalle on september. it was a quick process, since i got tangled on this and that and i slightly forgot to make an artwork (its so bad, i know).
by the way, did you know that we are on instagram? yes we are! go follow @deraumade on instagram. i will held a giveaway my ceramic stuffs anytime soon on instagram. so stay tune ;)