Wednesday, 12 March 2014

B.S ceramic pins

I dont know about you, but in my daily life i see B.S everywhere. Call me negative but it is my perspectives. And it is literally everywhere. When you turn on tv, when you do endless scrolling some social media in your smart phone, when you talk to your neighbour, or even when you heard your parents bragging about stuffs that you didnt really do. Its just sucks. But lets face it...B.S really sugar coating our reality. Sometimes i think what can i-some drama queen creature-actually lived in this cruel bad world without B.S? Maybe i over dramated it but B.S sometimes makes my life easier because it is sometimes polite, it is sometimes normative, and sometimes even hopeful.
Beside you know that old people said about grass are greener in the other side? Yeah, it is always do. But maybe because it is fertilized with B.S.
Dont judge me. Iam just trying to be honest here. Beside, i make some really cool ceramic pins about it. It is juat a vein, i think. Because honestly, iam full of s**t too, my friend.
Sorry for a rude post. I just wanna share my thoughts-the idea behind this ceramic pins series.

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