Saturday, 29 March 2014


Derau harusnya menjadi wadah untuk aku dan Agung berbagi ide. Semacam berkarya dan bertahan hidup dengan karya-karya tersebut. Aku dan Agung menemukan Derau pada tahun 2008. Aku dengan ide tentang keramik, dan Agung dengan ide tentang karyanya (saat itu Agung belum memantapkan berkarya grafis seperti sekarang). Dengan modal yang sangat sedikit, kami berdua memiliki ide tentang patch (emblem) sebagai media penyampaian pesan.
Patches pertama kami di buat oleh Agung dengan teknik woodcut (saat itu Agung belum kenal linoleum). Dan terjual ludes.
Kami belajar banyak. Derau menghidupi kami. Namun visi kami bertabrakan dan tidak berujung solusi. Akhirnya di tahun 2012, ada sebuah jeda. Jeda yang panjang.
Setelah itu kami memutuskan untuk 'pisah label'. Agung dengan let's go press dan ABH (soon) dan aku dengan Derau.
Dengan segala pertimbangan, aku dan Agung memutuskan untuk menghentikan produksi emblem atau patches linocut print kami. Nantinya akan tetap ada linocut print patch, namun 100% buatan Agung. Baik dari ide maupun finishing.
Untuk Derau, aku sengaja fokus ke media keramik. Keramik sudah jadi teman dekat buatku. Seperti layaknya teman, kadang ada fase ngeyel nya, bete, baikan lagi...naik turun.
Untuk 'merayakan' sebuah kesempatan berharga ini, aku menambahkan 2 kata di belakang Derau untuk menegaskan sekarang, Derau membuat keramik.
Semoga berkah!
Amin! :D

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Red bird spoon

One of my earliest ceramic spoon. Made from bone china. Glazed with clear gloss glaze and colour with ceramic stains.
One of my friend came a couple days ago and ask the fuction of my spoons. I think i just like to make it. And when it came to function....i think i'll leave it to my costumer wheter they want to involved my spoons with food or just let it stay in a cabinet.
All my glaze are food grade because i make it from scratch and i tend to stay away from toxic ingredients such barium, manganese, and nickel. I dont used barium base glaze. I use only three raw minerals when it come to mixing glaze. Maybe someday i will share my flaze recipe :D
For today, happy sunday afternoon! ♥

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lino recently

Beside making ceramics at day and doodle drawing at night, i spent all day with they two. Sometimes they both really look a like, it make me laugh. Today meetings gone good. Free snack on tiny table while having conversation with client. Lino are sleepy so he is in a bad mood mode. Next time i will manage some babysitter for taking care of him while i went to see next client. This all so new to me. Being a mom. And being on ceramic buisiness. Slightly i got scare, but then i realized, i just got feel exciting.
May we not lose sight, and always grand for little things. ♥

Friday, 14 March 2014


My recent drawing.
About happiness in meeting person for the first time. About leaving lonelines. Gratitudes.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

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Colors doodle ceramic pins

This series were kinda my achievement. I have to say this because i have to do A LOT of error trials and failed experiments for having this-in my statement-amazingly watercolorish feel on ceramic.
I still preparing on my solo ceramic line. And I think about to change the name a bit. From DERAU become DERAU MADE CERAMICS. it is more....specific, since I and Agung decided to focused on ceramic in DERAU and start making new patches in Agung soon-to-be-yet-to-come label;ABH (abducted by himself, like his first communal solid full of prints linocut artwork series).
Back to this experiment gone right thing (HOORAY), I have a plan to execute this technique on plates, mugs, or maybe vase? I dont quite sure. Still contemplating now.
Anyway, my target to launch DERAU ceramics are mid April. Cross my finger! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

B.S ceramic pins

I dont know about you, but in my daily life i see B.S everywhere. Call me negative but it is my perspectives. And it is literally everywhere. When you turn on tv, when you do endless scrolling some social media in your smart phone, when you talk to your neighbour, or even when you heard your parents bragging about stuffs that you didnt really do. Its just sucks. But lets face it...B.S really sugar coating our reality. Sometimes i think what can i-some drama queen creature-actually lived in this cruel bad world without B.S? Maybe i over dramated it but B.S sometimes makes my life easier because it is sometimes polite, it is sometimes normative, and sometimes even hopeful.
Beside you know that old people said about grass are greener in the other side? Yeah, it is always do. But maybe because it is fertilized with B.S.
Dont judge me. Iam just trying to be honest here. Beside, i make some really cool ceramic pins about it. It is juat a vein, i think. Because honestly, iam full of s**t too, my friend.
Sorry for a rude post. I just wanna share my thoughts-the idea behind this ceramic pins series.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


A sieve and a recipe. And some final result of the glaze after finished burn on 1250 celcius degree. Sure i have a favourite. I will post more about it later. :)
Today went so good. I started believe, ceramic really are something i really want to do to make a living.
Let's not lose sight, shall we? ♥

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Salt spoon and little plate

All handbuilt with craquele white glaze. The plate are from rare white stoneware clay. And spoon are from earthernware and minerals clay.
Lovely for housewarming gift or a daily use.
Hand wash only and please do not soak in a water for a long period.
Handmade in Bandung, Indonesia. One of a kind.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Do you realize

Theres a lot of version about this song. One of my favourite song actually. But this is really amaze me. Beautiful vibe. Beautiful crowd. Beautiful...beautiful...

And i just impulsively share this vid in the midlle of the night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

we are made from carbon

Majolica, Engobes, and Glaze on Earthernware-Stoneware thin plate. Single high reduction fire. I made this in 2012 the day after I know I was pregnant. Its just a sketch or maybe some carthasis or just an idea...aren't we all made from carbon?