Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pameran AGUGN 'natural mystic'

Akhirnya selesai! Terimakasih semua yg sudah datang meramaikan, mengapresiasi, menulis, meliput, dan mengisi acara. Terimakasih semua yg sudah mendukung, mendoakan, dan menyemangati Agugn dan keluarganya yaitu saya dan lino.
Terimakasih semuanya.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Peace attack

Somehow, We all learn to make peace with ourself

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Flower Power

Some flowers in our ceramic buttons collection. I get it mostly from vintage buttons that i found in my old room. I always have some serious crush for button.
The hardest part on the process is detailing since the mold not very perfect. I will posting about the mold later after i finished doing this project.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Bouquet of encouragement

DERAU at first was a side project between me and my husband. We doing it for some penny while we're doing with our study and our art. We doing for fun. Nothing serious and the penny not even say hello to our bank account.
Me, personally, have this vision about me, as a new stay home mother and wife, will always have an income-even its little-by doing what i love.
My husband and i having a different visions. He is more focusing his brand on letterpress stuffs and i think i have to find what attracts me more;ceramics, metalsmith, or crocheting.
I think i have to explore more. Draw more. Sketch more. Go out more. Learn more. what i really want to do in DERAU? i think right now despite having offline consignment in stores, i didn't have any idea what come next in this new brand. Maybe some courage to start will help.

Our patches was our first products. And always be our best sellers. This time we make it in linocut, not woodcut anymore.
With linocut technique (and off course my husband's skill) we have our detailing options wider for our patches. One of the most detailed patches was this series. Bouquet.

Ideas of bouquets always trigger me. As a kid i love posy of flowers, succulents, and herbs arranging in a vase or a bottle. Its fresh, intimate, and romantic. always love the idea of bouquets.

Have a nice weekend guys. Stay golden.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


this is Lino Apta Mahagra. pictured here when he was 6 month old. he's the one who make my world brighter and bussier.

Ceramic buttons

New ceramic buttons available. Its all slip casted stoneware with colorful glazes. I find hard to make one by one handbuilt ceramic buttons because its taking a lot of time.

I made this all ceramic buttons during my pregnancy until now. I found it very comforting. Knowing you have a project after you giving a birth is like having some connection with your life before everything change.
Recently, I love the way it fill my days now, like sneaking in the middle of the night to finish glazing while Lino having his long (but not too long!) sleep.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tiny little houses

Tiny little house is a small project that agugn and I have in 2011. Its kinda vented our vision about our first year marriage. The inspiration come from our last rented tiny house accross the green hill and surround by nature in Sukaresmi area. Too bad the asking prices were to high, we can't afford it.
This all tiny houses were adopted by three great lady from Japan . I feel so honor because they repeatedly using 'kawai' word when they check out my rustic dirty ceramic studio.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Menjadi seniman perempuan ketika baru memulai keluarga

Foto di atas adalah foto ibuku (61thn) bersama Lino, anakku (5bulan) di depan karyaku di sebuah pameran bersama 2 bulan lalu

Selepas SMA aku meneruskan ke jurusan seni rupa atas saran kuat ayahku didukung oleh ibuku. Bagiku saat itu agak aneh orangtua menyarankan anaknya kuliah di jurusan seni rupa. Sekarang aku mengerti, jika aku ternyata memang mentok di seni rupa.
Di jurusan seni rupa di Bandung, aku diajari bermacam-macam ilmu. langsung maupun tidak. teori maupun prakteknya. ilmu yang aplikatif maupun ilmu yang lampau. Singkat kata, aku kemudian terbiasa dengan membuat bermacam macam cara untuk lulus dengan baik dengan menggunakan ilmu2 tersebut.
Ilmu yang melekat hingga hari ini adalah bagaimana menjadi seniman perempuan.
Dulu jujur saja aku mengambil mata kuliah 'keperempuanan' hanya untuk mengisi SKS yang kurang dan "hey, iam a girl, and i wanna be an artist, lets do this". Nothing more, nothing less. Tapi 1 semester di kelas itu ternyata belum cukup memberikan pencerahan bagiku apa sebenarnya perbedaan menjadi women artist and just being an artist?
Apa hanya karena perempuan memiliki perspekif yang berbeda dari laki2 sehingga seniman yg berkelamin perempuan patut di labeli sebagai seniman perempuan dan bukan seniman? Apa karena perbedaan sudut pandang, cara lihat. Perempuan melihat detail, laki-laki melihat garis besarnya? Apa karena perbedaan emotional state perempuan lebih personal dan laki-laki lebih reliastis?
Perempuan memang rumit. Jangan berusaha mengerti perempuan, kata mereka. Perempuan mengerti perempuan lain, karenanya mereka memendam rasa negatif satu sama lain. Tapi kenapa setiap acara 'keperempuanan' selalu dipenuhi oleh perempuan yang mengemukakan perbedaan dan ingin dimengerti dan diterima apa adanya oleh masyarakat atau oleh mainstream's taste yang mana menurut argumen perempuan2 tadi, semuanya patriarkis. Sampai kapan seniman perempuan menjadikan rasa sakit hatinya sebagai inspirasi berkaryanya?
Setelah aku melahirkan seorang putra, aku baru benar-benar merasakan apa kata teori. Memang sulit jika harus breastfed anak sembari menggambar. Dan rasanya ga mungkin aku gendong bayi sambil mengglasir karya. Semuanya serba berubah. Prioritasku tetaplah tumbuh kembang bayiku yg sehat. Sehingga sering aku mencuri-curi waktu untuk mengglasir atau menggambar di keramik pada malam hari ketika dia tidur agak lama.
Dan ternyata, secara tidak langsung, kelahiran anakku juga berpengaruh pada keberlangsungan karyaku. Dengan mudah aku di lihat sebagai ibu dulu yang pertama. Dan seniman yang kedua. Apalagi karierku belum sestabil itu. Otomatis timbul rasa jengah. Timbul rasa ingin berhenti dan memulai sesuatu yg lebih jelas ketimbang menjadi seniman. Tapi di satu sisi, hal-hal seperti ini menjadi alarm buatku untuk selalu sadar akan mimpiku.
Tantangannya adalah bagaimana terus berdedikasi dan tak berhenti. Bagaimana menjadikan rasa sakit hati sebagai rasa yang sama seperti rasa membutuhkan katarsis pada sebuah karya, bukan memperlihatkannya di kehidupan sehari hari. Tantangannya adalah bagaimana menjadi seorang ibu yang bisa hidup dan menghidupi keluarganya dari apa yang dia suka. Dan, sebelum itu, tantangan yg paling besarnya adalah;mencari, menemukan, lalu menjaga keseimbangan peran-peranku.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Harukaze Ichiba

Bulan Juli kemarin akhirnya Derau punya kesempatan lagi berjualan offline di acara Harukaze Ichiba di jln. Cimanuk, Bandung. Acara yg hanya memamerkan 10 meja peserta ini digelar di depan restoran Jepang, Harukaze Japanese Bistro.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

the new state of mind

usually, when i looked at photographs, i saw memories. bad or good, or almost forgotten. but years go by and we are all growing up. photographs becomes medium for us to keep the moment alive. my new state of mind maybe too simple. but i believe that every big wonderful things started from simple little things. this year must be really awesome for me and agung, because we will meet our son very soon. and we will fill our life with a great greatest and greater memories. it may not always nice, or good, and maybe too cliche for the rest of us. but our memories is ours. whether it is bad or maybe wrong. i really do we can keep learning. keep doing. keep going.
this is some random heart touching (at least for me) daily photographs. i think they are so awesome.

1. Hannah Davis and her travel diary

"We went travelling for 6 and a half months – starting in New Zealand, then we travelled through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.  That was the first half of our trip.  Then we flew to San Francisco (where I have just got to on the blog!) and we travelled around the west side of the states, started running out of money so decided to go to Jamaica before our last week in New York! I haven’t been particularly selective about the photos shown – for myself they are a collection of memories as much as anything. Obviously to someone who doesn’t know us, I wanted the photos to depict a journey which captures that wonderful feeling of drifting from one place to the next – taking in beautiful landscapes and also catching a more intimate glimpse of our lives on the road."

follow her flickr, website, and her travel blog 

2. Anna Gawlak and her photo album

"This is my photo album. Its creation is like spinning a tale: spooling a film, snapping photographs, composing them… The narrative about calmness and naturalness. Calmness is more than lack of movement – I cannot stop searching it everywhere I am. Searching the naturalness means trying to pick out what is true and simple in the world – I cannot stop doing it. But, first and foremost, my own story is about big, big love. I love the world: light, colour, contrast, symmetry, trees, tasty food, buildings, doors, feet, ankles, eyes. I love the human being. Everywhere I am – I cannot stop searching. And all that makes the simple pleasures of life."

follow her tumblr, flickr, or her facebook page