Friday, 29 August 2014

August catalogue

Mostly about girls. Fantasy or real. Feel free to leave your email address if you are interested to get some catalogue. Thank you. And have a nice weekend!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fang spoons

I love the idea of making modern ceramic spoons with a binge of primitivism. And i love how the feel were connected; neutral and girly. The fang spoon are named because the tip from this spoon are remembering me for a carnivore fangs. Its so perfect for spices and maybe a juices.
I think i will make another series. I love it because i think i can give any glaze colors and its makes it more irresistable. One of a kind. High fired stonewares.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Big plate

This plate is the biggest plate i have make in this series. And its gone so fast. Its fully decorated with hand drawing colors and eyes and dots. The diameter is 21cm.
I definetely will make lots of these again. The pastel feel and organic feel-even though its casting-were a keeper, really. One of a kind. High fired semi porcelain clay.


I saw an image of snake spoon a couple months ago. It intrigued me so much until i think i must make my version of snake spoon from ceramic.
You dont have to make something that you like. Because turns out, this snakes spoon are not very functional. But its still cute.
This set is about two snakey themed spoon. With one eye and its black and white. Stoneware clay and high fired.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Girl's face plate

Absolutely nice! That is my thought when i first opened the kiln to saw these babes. I make three of them. The other one didn't make it. There were glaze defunct. Its not fatal. Its only ridic. I will post it later.
They were very nice to add some uniqueness to your home. Food grade. And its one of a kind lovely ladies.
Probably will make up some more like this. So stay tune :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Little long plate

This is one of my tableware series called abstract pastels. And i think its nice for serving a little spices dip or sprinkles. Its nice to make a container for your jeweleries too. Its food grade and its one of a kind.
This plate is 17.5cm long and 4cm wide.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


So many colors in deraumade's ceramics!


This beautiful little pouch is hand stitched. I bought a years ago because i really like the imppression of hand stitched in such a tiny area. This was meant to be a souvenir. I found it in an expat bazaar. I realized that it might be an ironic, me-an indonesian-buying stuff from another indonesian and it called indonesia souvenir-in an expat event. Ha! Lol.
Anyway, happy 69th birthday, indonesia!

Color tiles

Thats right, babe!
I have a new test piece colors!
Its crazy because its all turns out beyond my expectation.
Oh ceramic, you never fail to suprise me.

Happy friday!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Mermaid spoons

I called it mermaid spoon because i think its beautiful and simple. Cobalt blue add some ethnicity while boost the conventionally piscesean vibe.
All handbuilt by me. One of a kind. White zinc food ware glaze and drawed cobalt oxide. Fired twice. High fired. Beige local stoneware.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hands on Clay:Ceramic Market by Bandung Ceramic Maker on NuArt

This is a VERY late post about derau made on event called Hands on Clay. Held in NuArt Sclupture Park, this event was turn out to be pretty crowded before the rain. Fasting season can not stopped people from shopping ceramics goodies.
A lot of ceramic makers and their brand are opened a table. I will post about them later. These are couples of photos i took that day. About the products, i can assure you i will post it about it either :3 in another post.
I know...i know...i know...i got very very busy with my live lately so i can not post dilligently like i wanted to be. Lino grow up so quickly and Agugn so so busy with deadlines and exhibitions. Me, in he other hand, are tangled up with ceramic custom orders, making ceramics things, and finishing my artwork for next month.
We talked about it yesterday, that we are never been this busy before. Well, the more the merrier!