Saturday, 22 December 2012

jo hamilton

Jo Hamilton is scotland born artist and works in portland. she learnt drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art and recently choose crochet as a medium much later in her career.

“My house is filled with balls of yarn, all arranged by colour on shelves. I can pull them out as I need them for my palate. A portrait can take anything up to forty or fifty hours, but I haven’t actually counted, and I spend just as much time looking as actually crocheting. The pieces evolve from the inside out. I make no graphs, plans or charts; it’s a row-by-row organic process in which I don’t always know the outcome, but have learned to trust my way of working,” -Jo Hamilton

Her pieces are mounted on the walls with the yarn ends dangling giving them a quirky just-off-the-hook air.

in my work I use a traditional basic crochet technique taught to me at an early age by my gran.
I work one knot at a time, from the inside out, row by row. for example, in making the portraits
I always begin in the middle with the eyes and work out from there until the piece is completed.
I work directly from photographs, using no sketches, graphs or computer imaging. each piece
is instinctively composed, handmade, labour-intensive. nothing is planned ahead; I make it up
as I go along. I spend a lot of time simply looking, unraveling, and reworking until I get it right.’
-Jo Hamilton

go to her review here and here. and her official website.

ceramic accecoris

well, i don't wear jewelry in daily basis. but i love love love ceramic. and i really dig what i found in the internet about ceramic jewelry recently..

earring and faceted porcelain combine with silver from talented australian artist, abby seymour
again, abby seymour.
porcelain and red decal ring from artmind
another ring from artmind

color porcelain handmade and one only ring from maaPstudio

beautiful details color porcelain ring

rad idea! ceramic for hair by brook&lyn
ceramic barrete when in use
hexagon porcelain earring from hookandmatter
rosette prize ribbon ceramic necklace from vanillakiln

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

baby alba

matt and nirimi is such a awesome parents! before their baby girl, alba born, they took a lot of artistic yet personal picture about their journey to meet their baby alba. maybe it is because i am pregnant right now, but just looking the picture makes me realized that it is very important to documentation your beautiful experience for being a parents.

Friday, 7 December 2012

dozen random cactuses

cactus |ˈkaktəs|
noun ( pl. -ti |-tī; -tē| or -tuses )
a succulent plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly colored flowers. Cacti are native to arid regions of the New World and are cultivated elsewhere, esp. as houseplants. Family Cactaceae: numerous genera and species.

cactaceous |kakˈtā sh əs| |køkˈteɪʃəs| |-ˈteɪʃəs| adjective

early 17th cent. (in the sense [cardoon] ): from Latin, from Greek kaktos ‘cardoon.’






Thursday, 6 December 2012


hi there! we know we've been hiding for a lot of while. it is because we make experiment about our vision, which is heavily related to our next final products.
Agugn have been very busy with his letterpress machines and printing stuffs since he make lets go press letterpress printing services and joined a lot of group national exhibitions. while Puti pretty busy in the house making new artwork and take care her belly bum.
we want to apology for our ignorance and our laziness for neglected this page.with this post, we tried to commit more active in or out our offline life.

this is what we make while we gone...

ceramic brooches. hand drawing with glaze by puti.

our last custom bukal bag.

a few crocheted squares, later will attach each others for a summer baby blanket.

sampling for our next final products.
agugn arrange our kitchen with his awesome terracotta hand built vase with tiger orchid from our beloved neighbor.

delivering letterpress machines to surabaya and so on.

agugn's artwork at selasar sunaryo artspace, bandung while he joined a group exhibition called 'bandung new emergence vol.4'.

puti's artwork at the same exhibition with agung in july 2012.

'nirbaya jagratara'- agung's linocut print inspired by our experience for not being afraid and do our best when bad things happen to us. this print has won the first place in trienalle seni grafis (art print trienalle).
puti's attempt to make a silly zine.

puti's attempt to make ceramic rings. she gave up after found out 10:90 failed chances when you hand modeled the ceramic ring.

we bought handmade recycle lava lamp from our good mellow friend in tryptical.

i think that's pretty wrap our stories when we gone. outside that, maybe a new artwork, new progress in our handmade life, and friends come and go. hence, we are still ourselves-only grew older. have a nice weekend!