Saturday, 22 December 2012

jo hamilton

Jo Hamilton is scotland born artist and works in portland. she learnt drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art and recently choose crochet as a medium much later in her career.

“My house is filled with balls of yarn, all arranged by colour on shelves. I can pull them out as I need them for my palate. A portrait can take anything up to forty or fifty hours, but I haven’t actually counted, and I spend just as much time looking as actually crocheting. The pieces evolve from the inside out. I make no graphs, plans or charts; it’s a row-by-row organic process in which I don’t always know the outcome, but have learned to trust my way of working,” -Jo Hamilton

Her pieces are mounted on the walls with the yarn ends dangling giving them a quirky just-off-the-hook air.

in my work I use a traditional basic crochet technique taught to me at an early age by my gran.
I work one knot at a time, from the inside out, row by row. for example, in making the portraits
I always begin in the middle with the eyes and work out from there until the piece is completed.
I work directly from photographs, using no sketches, graphs or computer imaging. each piece
is instinctively composed, handmade, labour-intensive. nothing is planned ahead; I make it up
as I go along. I spend a lot of time simply looking, unraveling, and reworking until I get it right.’
-Jo Hamilton

go to her review here and here. and her official website.

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