Thursday, 6 December 2012


hi there! we know we've been hiding for a lot of while. it is because we make experiment about our vision, which is heavily related to our next final products.
Agugn have been very busy with his letterpress machines and printing stuffs since he make lets go press letterpress printing services and joined a lot of group national exhibitions. while Puti pretty busy in the house making new artwork and take care her belly bum.
we want to apology for our ignorance and our laziness for neglected this page.with this post, we tried to commit more active in or out our offline life.

this is what we make while we gone...

ceramic brooches. hand drawing with glaze by puti.

our last custom bukal bag.

a few crocheted squares, later will attach each others for a summer baby blanket.

sampling for our next final products.
agugn arrange our kitchen with his awesome terracotta hand built vase with tiger orchid from our beloved neighbor.

delivering letterpress machines to surabaya and so on.

agugn's artwork at selasar sunaryo artspace, bandung while he joined a group exhibition called 'bandung new emergence vol.4'.

puti's artwork at the same exhibition with agung in july 2012.

'nirbaya jagratara'- agung's linocut print inspired by our experience for not being afraid and do our best when bad things happen to us. this print has won the first place in trienalle seni grafis (art print trienalle).
puti's attempt to make a silly zine.

puti's attempt to make ceramic rings. she gave up after found out 10:90 failed chances when you hand modeled the ceramic ring.

we bought handmade recycle lava lamp from our good mellow friend in tryptical.

i think that's pretty wrap our stories when we gone. outside that, maybe a new artwork, new progress in our handmade life, and friends come and go. hence, we are still ourselves-only grew older. have a nice weekend!


  1. looking forward to your new products! i wear your ceramic ring everyday :)

    1. thanks, Angel! i lost my smartphone by accident. so i think i lost your contact. i will reach you when our new products ready. :)