Saturday, 24 March 2012

random ceramics-

Jun Kanenko. this big size ceramic piece make me speechless.

Luigi Ontani, Anamorposes. 2007. instalation view.

Heidi Fahrenbacher. wheel thrown porcelain.

Rimas VisGirda. more of  his nice work here.

Melissa Mytty. seriously envy her lucidity handling clays.

i don't know who made this. but this is deliberately nice.

ceramics. its such an easy word to say. but just like making something worth, making ceramics is never too easy.  i have an artist-block these recent days. i don't know what makes my mind too cloudly-and thats might be a problem. so, here i'am..blogging about ceramic for triggering my mind.
this review about Glasglow ceramic Studio seems enough to make myself want to work there. but still, i have these visual-stuck for my works. and i find Wonderlust  really neat! and i read about this art blog called white-swallows and design blog called designinspiration. nice! and tonight is a big night for some of my friend who join BaCAA or Bandung Contemporary Art Awards. i really hope they will win. :)

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