Friday, 30 August 2013

Bouquet of encouragement

DERAU at first was a side project between me and my husband. We doing it for some penny while we're doing with our study and our art. We doing for fun. Nothing serious and the penny not even say hello to our bank account.
Me, personally, have this vision about me, as a new stay home mother and wife, will always have an income-even its little-by doing what i love.
My husband and i having a different visions. He is more focusing his brand on letterpress stuffs and i think i have to find what attracts me more;ceramics, metalsmith, or crocheting.
I think i have to explore more. Draw more. Sketch more. Go out more. Learn more. what i really want to do in DERAU? i think right now despite having offline consignment in stores, i didn't have any idea what come next in this new brand. Maybe some courage to start will help.

Our patches was our first products. And always be our best sellers. This time we make it in linocut, not woodcut anymore.
With linocut technique (and off course my husband's skill) we have our detailing options wider for our patches. One of the most detailed patches was this series. Bouquet.

Ideas of bouquets always trigger me. As a kid i love posy of flowers, succulents, and herbs arranging in a vase or a bottle. Its fresh, intimate, and romantic. always love the idea of bouquets.

Have a nice weekend guys. Stay golden.

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