Friday, 5 September 2014

Girl's face plate

When i was a child i love to see my mom doing her make-up. Its like a sacred thing for her. Face gazing at the old mirror and start to doing her routine. I thought it was a new level of doing painting or something because i remember to ask her for some lipstick or blush on and etc. Its really bothers my mom. So one day she bought me my own make-up tools and that day as i can remember was one of the happiest day.
Beside myself, iam doing make-up for my two little sister. Its fun, its messy, and its so so nice to make a totally different character in my little sis' face. My little sister was so young that moment so basically they are doing what i told them to do. Hahaha. Anyway, i feel the same method when i make this plates series. Its like doing some fictional character and its fun.
Did i mention this plates is so fun to use as a dessert plates? Or a trinket dish.
Its one of a kind. Like you. Slab built semi porcelain and high fired food grade glaze.

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