Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hands on Clay:Ceramic Market by Bandung Ceramic Maker on NuArt

This is a VERY late post about derau made on event called Hands on Clay. Held in NuArt Sclupture Park, this event was turn out to be pretty crowded before the rain. Fasting season can not stopped people from shopping ceramics goodies.
A lot of ceramic makers and their brand are opened a table. I will post about them later. These are couples of photos i took that day. About the products, i can assure you i will post it about it either :3 in another post.
I know...i know...i know...i got very very busy with my live lately so i can not post dilligently like i wanted to be. Lino grow up so quickly and Agugn so so busy with deadlines and exhibitions. Me, in he other hand, are tangled up with ceramic custom orders, making ceramics things, and finishing my artwork for next month.
We talked about it yesterday, that we are never been this busy before. Well, the more the merrier!

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