Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Linocut Patches

We have planned not gonna continuing this linocut print patch series. And hopefully at the end of summer we are gonna launch our new linocut series.

Linocut patches are our first and last product that me, Puti-and Agugn make together back in the 2010. We tried to communicating our ideas, our perspectives, and even our statements-sometimes a raw one-onto those little 10x10cm hand dyed sheets, and it feels so nice. So nice because people are very appreciate with the results. They appriciate the visual ideas and techniques.
As many not know what my role in this linocut print patches, many people are wrong to interpret this linocut print patch are Agung's and not ours. Feel kinda sad at first but then again, we keep making it together. And it feels so nice. Once again because i knew, in that little patches, there was my idea, a part of me veining about a phase, or a stage, or even an inshight to make myself feel better. So at last, but the most important thing that make it feels so nice was seeing it sewn on somebody's belongings. Its like we share the same feelings. Only it with a stranger, without really spoke to each other.

This linocut patches are ready stock. Drop me a line at +6281809972990. Via whatsapp or text. Or email me

Yes, we shipped worldwide! :D

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