Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Almost up to the sea (hampir sampai ke laut)

There's a moment when you realized that you inch again from your dream. And yet, you still have a choice between go on, keep up...or leave it and never look back. When we keep on going, we can not even remember that we 'there' yet. And sometimes we realized it when we are on the 'after party'. It feels great, finishing something more and more closer to our dream. It is one of the best feeling.
This series i make after i gived birth to lino. I have pretty much plenty of time doing nothing but doing chores and its making me bored. I started making it in a spare time. Finishing about 60-ish pieces of small pieces. I burnt it so high in a reduction fire (well, technically it is agugn whose in charge that day-but i should've known he is not very capable at handling a kiln. I still let him do it anyway). The reduction was so heavy until its flame came out from the cowl it is making me so friggin panic so i take cintrol from that.
Due its reduction firing, i found out the supposed beige surface clay was grey. Wow its kinda...bad news for me. Not adding the glaze surfaces are also have glaze flaws.
So from 60-ish pieces, i cut it down into 30 pieces. It is all small series. Food grade glaze. And one of a kind.
I used 3 colors in this series. Turn out it making me remember the feel before going to the sea. So i called it 'Almost Up To The Sea' series. Blue, brown and orange. Sky, sand, and warm light.

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