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random jean michael basquiat

jean michael basquiat (december 22 1960-august 12 1988), one of great artist from america. he began as a graffiti artist in new york in late 1970s and evolved as neo-expressionist painter in 1980s.
his father is haitian and his mother is puerto-rican descendant, born in new york. he representing his heritage in his art. and since then, a lot of artist influenced by him. today he is reckon to be one of the greatest artist in 20th century.
this is a random picked about basquiat with a little bit story of his life.

when he was 8, his parents divorced. he and his sisters then stayed with their father. at the same year, basquiat was hit by a car while playing in the street. his arm wa broken and he suffered several internal injuries, and eventually underwent a splenectomy.

leather pendant basquiat inspired

by age of eleven, basquiat could fluently speak, read, and write french, spanish, and english-of course. at the same age, his mother was committed to a mental institution and thereafter spent time in and out of institution.

yarn bowl basquiat inspired

at age 15, he ran from home, stayed in a park benches in washington square park. after his father banished him from household because he dropped out from school at tenth grade, he later stayed with friend and support his life by selling t-shirt and homemade postcards.

basquiat inspired t-shirt

alongside his art career, he often play music and held many shows since 1976. in 1980, basquiat participated in 'the times square show', a multi-artist exhibition. in 1981, rene ricard published 'the radiant child' in artforum magazine, which brought basquiat to the attention of the art world. his friend, tamra davis, relesed her documentary movie about basquiat in 2009 with the same title, 'the radiant child'.

basquiat pinback button set

he would often draw on random objects and surfaces, including other people's property. on one occasion, basquiat painted his girlfriend's dress with the words 'little shit brown'. and he often painted in expensive armani suits, and would even appear in public with the same splattered suit.

basquiat inspired dress. here is basquiat inspired by dougles hannat

in 1981 basquiat joined annina nossei gallery. in 1982, he briefly dated madonna. in the same year, he worked briefly with david bowie.

basquiat onesie

in 1986, he appeared on the cover of 'the new york time magazine' in a feature entitled 'new art, new money; the marketing of an american artist'. at this time, his growing heroin addiction began to interfere with his personal relationships. when andy warhol died on february 1987, basquiat became increasingly isolated. his heroin addiction and depression grew more severe. 

basquiat and warhol t-shirt mini dress

basquiat died on august 12, 1988, of a herin overdose at his art studio in great jones street in new york city. he was 27. his work still remember until now, and he is one of the artist who become a style icon.

reebok basquiat edition

ps: this is the link about another basquiat inspired dress. and tumblr full of his photos

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